Being a BOSS (Bucket of Source Scripts) with BOB (Bucket of Bots) refers to a specific type of workflow or strategy that involves using a collection of scripts and bots to give Pharaoh NFT holders and edge in this highly competitive market.

A BOB, or Bucket of Bots, is a collection of bots that are designed to execute and manage the BOSS scripts. These Bots will be specialized programs that can perform a wide range of tasks.

In the context of a BOSS/BOB workflow, the bots would be responsible for executing the scripts in the BOSS and managing their operation, allowing the user to automate and optimize various processes.

Overall, being a BOSS with BOB is a powerful and flexible strategy for automating and optimizing various tasks and processes. By using a collection of scripts and bots, users can improve their success rate at finding a gem. Scripts only available to NFT holders giving them an edge in identifying opportunities. Query on-chain data Bots enabling liquid NFT markets

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