$FUEL Tokens

$FUEL Tokens are the central component and the primary form of fun. All aspects of the project, from the products and services offered to the community and the rewards and incentives provided to members, will be based around and denominated in $FUEL Tokens.

$FUEL Tokens will create a unique and playful asset, EpochZero will differentiate itself from others and help build a community and engagement among member. Additionally, the use of a fun token will make the project more accessible and appealing to a wider audience.

The FUEL token is not intended to be a security, and is not intended to be a speculative investment. The token is being offered solely as a utility token, which can be used to access and utilize the Epoch Zero services. The token does not represent an ownership interest in Epoch Zero and does not entitle the holder to any share of profits or revenues from Epoch Zero. The token is not being offered or sold as a security and is not registered with any securities regulatory authority.

Purchasers of the token should not expect to profit from their purchase and should be purchasing the token solely for its utility value.

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