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PvE (Player versus Environment) web-based combat with NFT (non-fungible token) characters refers to a type of online game where players can engage in combat against computer-controlled enemies using unique, digitally-minted assets known as NFTs. In this type of game, players will use their NFT characters to fight against various types of enemies and challenges in a web-based environment. These NFT characters could be collected, traded, and customized by players, allowing them to create unique and personalized combat teams. The game's combat mechanics and challenges will be designed to provide a fun and engaging experience for players, while also allowing them to showcase and utilize their collection of NFT characters. Combines the excitement of online gaming with the collectibility and uniqueness of Pharaoh NFTs.

PvE Web Based combat with NFT characters Win battles and wars to receive $FUEL Accessory NFTs that upgrade character stats Temporary boosts sold purchased in $FUEL or $IOTA/$SMR FUTURE PvP ARENAS Put up $FUEL or $SMR anty per battle, winner takes all Hardcore Mode: Put up accessories or NFT as anty, winner takes all BATTLE TYPES Short 2 minute battles Longer 24 WARS - multi user wars CAMPAIGN Quests on your own or with a group Defeat bosses for LOOT Each NFT will have its strengths and weaknesses, choose wisely RARITY CHARTS / STATS How traits and their rarities combine provide a variable value Used in the odds of the battle β€œdice” rolls

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