NFT Sale All NFTs are hand-drawn and include a wide range of over 120 traits across 11 categories. These traits range from creative and innovative to humorous and sometimes over the top. The mint will be a blind box, more info to follow.

Rarity Chart This NFT collection is not just a random selection of traits. Our in-house generator has incorporated an algorithm into the rarity chart, adding an element of surprise and challenge for collectors. Can you unravel the mystery? Community Build This platform is a place for NFT enthusiasts and creators to collaborate and connect with other members of the Pharaohs community. It can be used to coordinate NFT projects, share updates and announcements, and discuss all things Pharaohs.

The Next Generation We want you to be a part of the journey and experience all that we have to offer. Whether it's participating in a community build, discussions/events on discord, or following updates and announcements on twitter, there will be plenty of opportunities.

Token Genesis NFT Listing Rewards Token Vaults and NFT Stakes NFT Liquidity Market

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